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So California 13's qualifier  


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12/04/2003 1:18 am  

FoR tHe 13 PlAyErS oUt ThErE, i ThInK tHaT YoUr aLl DoInG A GoOd JoB.....:D ...aNd I tHiNk ThAt AlL TeAmS hAvE aLl SoMeThiNg In CoMmEn....We aLl HaVe SpOtSmEnShIp..AnD i ThiNk ThAT ThiS WiLl AlL bRiNg Us FaR..... i tHInK tHaT sCvC iS OnE oF ThE bEsT TeAmS oUt ThErE... AlSo I ThInK tHat CrUsH HAs A GrEaT tEaM....As wEL aS SeAl BeAcH! i No ThAt EvErYonE oUt hERe Is StArs aNd I tHInK ThAt U sHouLd NeVeR gIvE uP!;) !
fOr tHe 13 qUaLfIer 2003 pRE:p DiCtIoN wiLl Be..............ScVc..BEcAuSe ThEy gOt eVeRyThinG ThAt a pLaYeR/cOaCh Is LOoKInG fOr!
GrEat JoB sO fAr FoR aLL oF tHe TeaMs ThAt ArE iN tHe QuAlIfIeR! gOoD LuCk!
~*MeGaN sARaCenO*~:p

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