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School motivation: “I don’t want, I won’t” vs. “There is such a word - I must”
Why do children study poorly, skip school and extracurricular activities? They lack the spark of motivation. How to ignite and inflate it? She also talks about the motivation of parents and teachers.
Motivation is an impulse to action. For us parents, this means that somehow we have to encourage children to do something all the time. To do this, the main thing is to find a way to motivate. When you go to website here and help your child do their homework, you are motivating the child to learn. Shimi Kang (Harvard graduate, psychiatrist, motivational expert) in The Self-Motivated Child divides motivation into intrinsic and extrinsic. He writes that the best motivation (not only for a child, but also for an adult) is the one that comes from within. Why?
Internal is what happens inside us, which is based on our desires, dreams. No one forces us to do anything, we ourselves want to. External is the reward that motivates us to take action. It can be not only money, but also the recognition of society, the praise of friends, classmates, relatives, and so on. Intrinsic motivation is the longest-term. It is important to develop this in yourself especially when the child is doing homework with the essay editor and it allows the child to be self-confident when doing homework. This will help fuel intrinsic motivation.
Motivation for short sprints
When we need to get results from children in a short time, extrinsic motivation works well. In a short period of time, children are ready to "be patient" for the sake of a reward.Do what they do not want: "Eat porridge - you get sweet" and "Learn the rules - go for a walk." When doing homework, if a child asks you to proofread my paper,, then help him for short-term motivation. This is how you motivate your child to do their homework.
Personally, I always reward my children with small sucking candies that we have in the public domain. Kids don't just take them, but you should see them fly after them after cleaning the room.
Motivation for a long marathon
Will you force yourself to do something for a long time if you don't like it? Never! You will start many times, but rarely finish. There are many tactics on the Internet that, with a special desire, help adults achieve the desired results and goals.
They do not work with children. You will never force them to learn physics if they don't like it! The secret of motivation for long distances lies in the interest in the subject. Not every parent and teacher can interest and maintain interest.
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