Class of 2026 High School Watchlist: The Full List
Players featured in this article:
MB | Jacksonville Junior Volleyball Association
L | A5
Adriana Garcia | 2026
OH | Tribe
Morgan Sanders | 2026
RS | M2 Volleyball Club
Jayden Mathis | 2024
S | SC War Eagles
Karsyn Harris | 2026
OH | East Valley Juniors
Mia Rhinehart | 2026
L | Octane
McKenna Brown | 2026
Britni Silver | 2026
MB | Columbia (CVA)
Emma Gardner | 2026
RS | Metro Volleyball Club of Washington DC- 15T
Piper Batie | 2026
S | Ozark Juniors
Aniah Bass | 2026
OH | The St. James 15 Navy

Below you will find the full list of players from our Class of 2026 High School Watchlist. It isn't hundreds of names long, but instead consists of players that are not yet known on the national stage, ones that are getting an opportunity to step into bigger roles, finally hitting their stride at the high school level, or have been under the radar until now. You won't see names of players we've written about time and time again, or the Top 150, but those that are just catching our eye now and really beginning to break out.

Thank you to those coaches that submitted players they believe should be in the spotlight, and congratulations to those players who were selected for the list.

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10-Foot Club Top 5

Ten feet. If you can jump and touch the basketball rim, or higher, you are in rare air. These are the top members in our 10-Foot Club.
Taylor Harvey
- UT
Giovanna Mason
- TX
Hazel Alevok
IMG Academy Volleyball Club
- FL
Leni Stanton-Parker
Metro Volleyball Club of DC
- VA
Mimi Mambu
Paramount Volleyball Club
- VA