High School All-Americans: Special Mentions

Today, we begin announcing our 2022 High School All-Americans. Although we are excited and proud to recognize 90 deserving players as All-Americans, there are always too many talented athletes and simply not enough spots for all of them. We’ve done our best to scour all those teams that participated in the Fall and consider coaches’ input regarding qualifications. But, in truth, we know not everyone will be happy with the list.

But, I’ll remind those players not selected of the best advice I have had the honor of hearing from a good friend of mine, who now coaches at the Division I level. Awards, Rankings, and Lists hold no bearing or reflection of your self-worth as a person or athlete, and you should continue to follow your passion for the game of volleyball for the simple joy it brings you. 

That being said, we begin our All-American journey with the Special Mentions portion of the list, one of three sections of our full release, which also include Honorable Mentions, and the 90 All-Americans. The Special Mentions section is compiled of athletes who made significant impacts on their teams’ success but may not have had the exposure or statistics to draw national attention to the point of earning a place in the top 90, or Honorable Mentions. We received a great many nominations, each advancing the cause of one player or another, and they all had accomplished great things during the high school season and were worthy of recognition. Therefore, they qualified for the Special Mentions. You will find them below.

*Note: Even after sorting through hundreds and hundreds of players, there are bound to be discrepancies (class years, spelling, etc.) that we have not caught. If you see one, email, and we will graciously fix them.*

Without further ado, we are proud to bring to you the 250 Special Mentions of The High School Fall All-Americans. 

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10-Foot Club Top 5

Ten feet. If you can jump and touch the basketball rim, or higher, you are in rare air. These are the top members in our 10-Foot Club.
Taylor Harvey
- UT
Giovanna Mason
- TX
Hazel Alevok
- FL
Leni Stanton-Parker
Metro Volleyball Club of DC
- AL
Mimi Mambu
Paramount Volleyball Club
- VA