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2022 Top 150 Quick Hits

No. 34 Cheridyn Leverette recently chose UCLA for 2022. Read some more quick hits from the 2022 Top 150!

From our 2022 Top 150, we have some quick hits including the Top 10 in each position and a few notes about the first release of the 2022 Top 150. See the entire list here, and get some answers to questions you might have about the list, too.

In the three weeks after posting the original Top 150, we heard from 15 athletes about their recruiting decisions. Nearly a month ago, we noted some recruiting news about 2022 Top 150 athletes. Since then, over 30 more have displayed their future collegiate colors and stated where they’d play in college. While this isn’t intended to be a recruiting list, we talk a great deal about college commitments here because there are so many new ones to catch up on.

The Class of 2022 is the first class to have been really affected
by the NCAA recruiting rule changes. Many student-athletes had begun their
recruiting journeys before they had to relinquish contact with Division I
college coaches until this summer, on June 15th before entering
their junior year.

No. 1 Hayden Kubik (IA), a Nebraska recruit, was chosen to lead the 2022 Top 150 after tossing around a few names (see those in the first few of the 150!). We had to think about the player’s value to a team and dominance against those in her age division. We looked at her talent in each skill of the game – and not just that she was so good in one or two areas that it sort of covered up what she lacked in other areas. We also knew that this graduating class has the opportunity to change their order over the next year and a half and we had to get down to what we believed to be true now.

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