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2021 Top 150

Welcome to the first release of’s Top 150, the country’s best volleyball players listed from No. 1 to 150! Each successive Monday, we’ll release the Top 150 players in each class beginning with the Class of 2021 and following with the 2022, 2023, and 2024 classes.

Since this is the first release of the Top 150, we should clarify some things, namely what the Top 150 is about and how it is compiled. You can view our three-part series, “Inside the Top 150,” to read more about it.

The Top 150 player rankings are based on an athlete’s skills now, and not her potential or impact at the next level. Because players are constantly developing, we will update the Player Rankings three times each year – in the Fall, which is post-club/pre-high school season; in the Winter, post-high school/pre-club season; and in the Spring, mid-club season. For seniors, we’ll close out their ranking in the Spring and begin ranking incoming freshmen in the Fall.

The players on this list did not have to be nominated by a coach and the rankings criteria are based on skill compared to other members of the graduating class, personal achievement and accolades, and impact on her team. Height and college commitment don’t necessarily indicate a player’s ranking… and a player’s ranking by us doesn’t mean she will or will not attend her dream school.

Rankings are subjective. We’ve seen these athletes many times, but still, our opinions will differ from the next person’s. It’s not a simple task to rank a libero against an outside hitter or a setter against a middle blocker. Instead of focusing on if you (or your athlete) is better than the one ranked above you, ask yourself, “How good am I?”

Finally, historically, the Senior Aces list was done in late summer/early fall leading up to an athlete’s senior season. Beginning this year for the class of 2021, Senior Aces will be moved to the Spring. The reason for this is twofold – to keep the Top 150 and Senior Ace rankings separate, and to give players another year to establish themselves against the 18s field. Those athletes that graduated a semester early will still be in consideration to be a Senior Ace.

Without further ado, you may view all 150 athletes, here.

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