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USAV National Championships: The ‘At-Large’ Crowd of the 15 Open Division

A look at five At-Large earners i the 15 Open Division of USAV Nationals!

Today we're taking a close look at the teams that earned coveted 'At-Large' bids to the USAV National Championships in the 15 Open Division.

It has to be an exciting moment when you get the call (or in this case, email) that your team has been selected to receive a bid to the national championships during a time that you thought your club campaign had potentially come to an end earlier than you had hoped. But then, there it is... one more shot, a chance to prove you can compete with the best in the country, one that many teams would give anything to have.

So, how do you do it? Well, according to the USAV Manual...

explanation via USAV website and manual

Below you will find the five teams that have punched at-large tickets to the big dance for 15 Open.

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