The Latest and Greatest From The 10 Foot Club (Nov. 27)
Players featured in this article:
MB | Metro
MB | Paramount
Jordin Southall | 2026
OH | Game Point (GP)
Giovanna Mason | 2024
RS | Austin Juniors
Brianna Watson | 2024
OH | Dallas Skyline Juniors
Keoni Williams | 2026
MB | Skyline Juniors
Sequoia Layne | 2024
MB | Downstate
Zoey Humphrey | 2024
MB | Houston Skyline
Skyler Pierce | 2024
OH | Dynasty
Taylor Harvey | 2025
MB | Club V
Ayanna Watson | 2026
OH | Vegas Aces
Britni Silver | 2026
MB | Columbia (CVA)
Hazel Alevok | 2025
MB | Wildfire
Meisha Sykes | 2026
MB | Wildfire
Alexis Ewing | 2025
OH | VA Juniors
Molly Drake | 2027
OH | Jersey Juniors
Mimi Mambu | 2025
MB | Paramount
Eva Smith | 2026
MB | Triangle

Today We're highlighting the newest additions to the lists and the highest jumpers from each class. In the event of a tie for touch height, we will include both athletes. The entire member list of the 10-Foot Club can be found right here.

To be a club member, a player must not only jump 10-0 or 11-0, but they must also PROVE IT, whether by some official testing measure or video evidence (video is preferred). ONLY COACHES may submit new players for consideration by completing this form for the 10-Foot Club (if you're not a coach and submit info, we will not consider it). So stretch those legs, lace up those shoes, transition, and approach! We're jumping into the 10-Foot and 11-Foot Clubs!


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10-Foot Club Top 5

Ten feet. If you can jump and touch the basketball rim, or higher, you are in rare air. These are the top members in our 10-Foot Club.
Taylor Harvey
- UT
Giovanna Mason
- TX
Hazel Alevok
- FL
Leni Stanton-Parker
Metro Volleyball Club of DC
- AL
Mimi Mambu
Paramount Volleyball Club
- VA